Wednesday, April 15, 2009

His Influence Saved My Life

He'll never know what he has done until we approach eternity. By his actions and by his words, he has made a difference in my life. I am currently friends with him, but because of the situation I was in, I prefer not to reveal my gradtitude to him until we step through the gates of heaven.

He saved my life. I was going to end it, yet because he reached out to me, I had chosen to live. He was my only friend in high school. While others rejected me, he took time to be my friend. Because of his influence on my life, I am here today.

Through Jesus, my friend gave me a will to live because he showed he cared. I pray, to the Most High God, my friend will stay close to Jesus. If I sense he is wandering, I will reveal, while living on this dark planet, what his influence done to me. I pray I can thank him in heaven for giving me a will to live and showing me that Jesus still cares for me!

Is God good??

Black Diamond

Black Diamond was my special baby. His mother decided to give birth to him in my lap and ever since he came into the world, I cared for him.
He was quite intelligent too. You call his name, he'll respond. If you say "treat"! He'll come running. The minute he hears the water running in the bathroom, he'll jump on the counter and paw at your hand demanding for a drink.
He likes to flirt with you. He'll roll over on his back while cocking his head and kneading his paws in the air. He hated to be held but if you pet him, he felt like he just entered into heaven!
He passed away recently due to a horrendous lung and liver infection.
I miss my cat. He was my special baby.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Orion...God's place in the heavens

I read a book some years ago from Ellen White and in one section she mentions that the Lord lives just beyond the middle star of the belt of Orion. Whether that's true or not you decide. From my experience, I am completely certain the New Jerusalem is behind the magnificent middle star of Orion.

Some people claim He lives far away in space, which in a physical sense is true. However, when I see the constellation of Orion, when I hear stories of God's work among the people of the earth, and when I experience the Holy Spirit working in my life, I know He is actually close to us. In fact, if we allow Him, He lives right in our hearts. Yes, His throne is in space, beyond the star, but He sees and hears us as if He is in our very presence.

He lives beyond the middle star of the belt of Orion. His throne is in a splendid city called Heaven. His presence is felt by those whose hearts are honest and true to Him. The Holy Spirit works on each and every heart that beats; He looks upon each child of Earth as His own. He is close to us. His love is amazingly beautiful that we will never comprehend the magnitude of it.

I look into the heavens, I see the grand belt of Orion, and I wave. He sees me, waves back and smiles. I can just imagine Him proclaiming, "Hey look! There is my daughter! She is waving at me and My heart is moved!" I in return feel an awesome presence surround me as I wave to the Creator of all things. He in return fills my heart with unexplainable sense of love and adoration.

My King and Creator, your Lord and mine sits on the Throne sending His love passing the gates of heaven, passing Orion's belt, passing the planets and stars, passing the atmosphere of earth, to the habitants of the world.

Orion is God's place in the heavens.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When you are walking a path and you find that you are no longer on the one you desire most, do not just keep running forward in rage, shame, ignorance, or false assumption. Stop, calm your mind, and return to the point where the two path diverged and return to your journey on the desired way.T.M.Coal

Now what a coincidence! I know what you mean by your metaphor but something happen Sabbath that reflects exactly what you have expressed in your statement. I went running on the marked trails in the forest. Unbeknown to me, somehow I got myself on a different path and I couldn't figure out why I kept running in circles. I just couldn't find the original (most desired) path that deverge off from the one I got myself stuck (and lost) on. Of course, in sheer frustration and anguish I kept on running as embarrassment and shame settled in my heart. I didn't want to look like a fool, by slowing down and searching for the one trail I longed to get back onto.

After an hour of running (a mile in circumference) in circles, I gave up and decided to slow myself to a walk. Guess what? After searching and walking for a few minutes, I found the path I needed to get back on to get out of the forest and into the meadow. (The "desired" path was narrow and hidden by an arch of trees and once you walk through this arch, you find yourself standing in awe and amazement as you look out into the meadow full of beautiful wild flowers and tall grass.)So thank you for your inspiration.

I had to laugh when I read your meaningful poem, I am sure you understand why! Your symbolic words became a live reality for me even though you were trying to apply this message to our walk in life. It is very meaningful! Thanks again!Blessings from on High,chelsey

MICAH:Blessings and I am very happy it provided some meaning for you. I hate when that happens both in material and spiritual reality :D. Happy Sabbath!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I heard and I laughed

OK this may sound bad but I've got this silly friend who said "I will NEVER go to the left or to the right, instead I shall go straight ahead!"

"What is to the left and to the right that you wish not to travel?" I responded

"The left is the liberal and the right is the conservative. Therefore, I shall neuturalize myself right smack in the middle. I can't be idle, hence the straightaway!!"

I laughed...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We are in need of a Savior

Well, either it is I or the Holy Spirit is trying to shape and mold me into someone He wants me to become. I feel so dirty and sinful right now, have you ever had that experience before? I sure have, it is not a fun thing to go through, yet it is worth it I tell you!

My faith has weakened slightly, please no pity, yet I am feeling my spiritual muscles gaining its strength like never before! It is true, I feel terrible, sinful and dirty. But looking on the bright side, I am growing in Him; I am learning what it means to be a child of God!

I tell you, I am so sinful, I am so impure, so filthy, and I cannot stand it! But what joy do I find knowing I can be free in Christ! My heart is heavy, my emotions are running wild and I am scared. I am learning what it means to give Him my all.

I look back, all I see is pure evil, and it just disgusts me! I have so much pride, so much yucky stuff inside of me that it is just pitiful. The shame I feel is a great embarrassment, because I know I am in the wrong, yet I am fighting to ignore these feelings of mine.

God said He is mighty to save, He will save! How? By His death of course, but His is mighty to save us, to deliver us from temptations and trails. Yet in reality, I do not believe it. I am a proud human being who thinks she can walk on her own two feet without any help from the Most High.

All the music I listen to, all the movies I watch, yet God is speaking, warning me that I can fall away again if I am not careful and it is such a horrible feeling. When I think I am strong, I become weak again. When I think I have everything figured out, my order comes crashing down. When I think I have it right with God, He shows me another thing I need to give-up in order to have that closeness with the Mighty One.

God said He rejoices over me, how does He rejoice over me? He rejoices over the fact that I am His since the beginning of time. He rejoices over my faith, over my spirit does He rejoice!

I am tired, and I am beat. God is asking me to do something and I wonder if I have the strength to follow through. Why am I sharing you my innermost being with you at this time? I am hoping to encourage each one of you on your walk with Jesus.

He said He will sing over us with joy. He has found favor in us! When He looks at us, what makes Him sing with joy? Because we are His, and nothing, I mean nothing will keep us from His wonderful love! He cannot stop loving us, we may stop loving Him, but He will never ever forget us. For He has, as said in Isaiah, He has written our names on the palms of His hands! He has chosen us! He has created us! He has redeemed us! He has called us His bride!

Wow! Yes, I feel low, I feel like dirt, yet I know deep down inside of me that I am worth the price He paid on that cross for us! When we struggle spiritually, know Satan is attacking. When we are in the dark, know that God is still by our side. When we have grown weary, know that God will give us the faith and the strength to keep on going!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


I am not sure if you will agree but when it comes to food, I either eat too much or very little in a week. Of course I am not heavy but really, I seem to get hungry and never actually eat until I am starving! That's not good; to eat when you are famished and not eat when you are slightly hungry. But the hungrier you are, the bigger the chance is of stuffing yourself to the point of wanting to vomit. Don't get me wrong, I am not suffering from an eating disorder, but from an inability to balance out my meals.

There are some days I will eat so little that I actually have to watch the clock and force myself to eat in spite of my lack of appetite. It can be frustrating...if you get what I mean.